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Graphic Motion

We are proud to bring to our line up of videos Graphic Motion Videos created from scratch to give you the best video for your dollar. Our highly skilled team incorporates 3D Modelling as well as vfx using organic modelling to create visually stunning videos to absolute beauty. We first go through pre-production which includes design of characters, sets & matte paintings, props & vehicles, concept art, animatics and story-boarding. Production is composed of CG Assest (Model, rig, texture), then layout through final animation and render. The last stage, post-production, consists of camera match & tracking, rotoscopy and localization to make sure that each movement and effect collaborates with each other at the precise time.

  • 1 to 2 minutes+
  • Voice Over
  • Royalty Free Images
  • Royalty Free Videos
  • Royalty Free Track
  • Script Creation